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With ever-changing work patterns, and organisations constantly trying to find ways to maximize their return on investments, modern tools are needed now more than ever. Microsoft launched Teams Premium which is now generally available for all commercial customers through Microsoft 365 Admin Centre. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a promise to boost both individual and organisation-level productivity.

Integration with Open AI’s GPT is expected to make Teams meetings, virtual appointments and, webinars more intelligent, customized, and secure. Teams Premium offers more than 400 new features owing to continued innovation to foster collaboration between teams. Teams premium offers advanced meeting opportunities and eliminates the need to purchase expensive add-ons for webinars or virtual appointments. Below are a few new features offered as part of the Teams Premium license-

Intelligent Recap

Integration with AI means better meeting experiences and advanced ways to help you and your teams be productive in more ways than one. Teams Premium offers an Intelligent Recap through which you can get notes from the meeting that are automatically generated along with recommended tasks and personal highlights so that you can get the information that is important to you. With this, the attendees can focus on the meeting discussion, not capturing notes. This Intelligent Recap feature also helps invitees who missed the meeting catch up on the agenda items without spending too much time reviewing meeting recordings. The meeting will be divided into AI-generated chapters that will help you pick the most relevant content.

Personalized meetings

Organisations are looking to provide best-in-class experience during client calls which helps create an inclusive environment that encourages interaction within the company. Embodying the company brand and culture into these interactions is key to improving these experiences. Teams Premium lets you infuse your brand colours into the meeting and makes your logo visible to the participants. As part of branded meetings, users can enable brand-approved organisation backgrounds to make your team shine through. Custom user templates and user policy packages are also available through Teams Premium.

Secure meetings

With the increase in virtual and hybrid meetings, information protection appears to be a major challenge for organisations. Sensitive and confidential business meetings are now conducted virtually through Teams making security a critical requirement. Teams Premium lets you have that advanced meeting protection by upgrading safeguards for confidential business meetings without having to alter the meeting experience. Data Leaks can now be deterred by watermarking and limiting access to the records. Organisers can leverage watermark over attendee screen shares and video feeds that will let them present sensitive information confidently. Users can also apply end-to-end encryption to the meetings for advanced encryption. In addition to these, sensitivity labels can also be applied automatically to the most relevant and important meeting options.

Virtual Appointments

With the new Virtual Appointments in Teams Premium, managing end-to-end customer experience has never been easier. This feature lets you save both time and money on additional point solutions or add-ons by letting attendees join virtual branded lobby rooms through email or text messages on any device browser without having to download an app. With “Appointment Queueing”, scheduling administrators can now manage scheduled and on-demand virtual appointments in one location.

Hosting customized events

Teams Premium lets you host webinars with seamless registration and customized experiences. Webinars allow presenters to join the virtual green room so that preparation before the webinar is seamless. Presenters have the time and space to connect and do a quick briefing or test run without disturbing attendees. While attendees wait for the event to start, they can engage with the presenters and one another through chat and Q&A. Presenters can manage what attendees see and registration waitlists are manually approved for better event management.

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